About Us

Anthony and Anna were immediately captivated by the cute little alien, Baby Yoda, from the moment they met him during the first chapter of the first season of the Mandalorian TV show. Having just moved in together a little less than a year ago and quarantined, the idea of Babyyodatoy.com was born. Their virtual Child started growing rapidly as they discovered their true passion for Baby Yoda and their dedication to bring value to its fans and followers worldwide.

“There is a Baby Yoda in All of Us. There isn’t much more I could say About Us”, Anthony says.

“Our goal is to inspire and awaken the Force within”, Anna adds.

The couple creates their unique content with care and attention to detail. Their aim is to provide the visitors with handy and trendy insights on Baby Yoda and its World. While Anthony is the web, graphic and visual Master, Anna mostly focuses on researching Baby Yoda News and drafting valuable and witty posts to share with fellow Baby Yoda fans.

Only the future will show what comes next. It is certain, however, to say that Babyyodatoy.com will show us the Way to endless happiness and joy.