TOP 10 Baby Yoda Toys available online 2020

Being voted one of the top toys of 2020, Baby Yoda Toy has been trending since its launch earlier in 2020. Now all the major toy players are bringing their A game presenting us Baby Yoda Toys.

As Jon Favreau, creator of the Mandalorian, was completely adamant in ensuring that the Baby Yoda is not revealed prior to its first appearance in the TV show, Disney+ had to quickly catch up on launching The Child merchandise and toys to meet the sky-rocketing demand.

You can check out our list of Top 10 Baby Yoda Toys below if you be looking for a new Baby Yoda to add to your collection:

TOP 10 Baby Yoda Facts

Credit – Star Wars Theory / YouTube

Though there is still a lot of mystery surrounding Baby Yoda, the two questions that keep us all up at night are his actual age and species evolvement. Since the Mandalorian creators are secretive about releasing any insights, we must await to see how Baby Yoda and its life story evolves.

In the meantime, we invite you to explore our Black Friday or Cyber Monday Baby Yoda Lists. This is the way to be prepared for the holiday season.

Baby Yoda goes to Space

Baby Yoda inspired merchandise has been launched on the market since the launch of the Mandalorian TV show.
From toys to clothes and kitchenware, it turns out that even our galaxy is not a limit for Baby Yoda. On 17th of November 2020, Baby Yoda was spotted on the International Space Station. The Child tagged along with the SpaceX’s astronauts who will be in space on a six months mission. Founded by Elon Musk in 2002, SpaceX has been working on major ground-breaking space projects. The Baby Yoda toy does actually have a job on the station – it serves as a zero-gravity indicator.

See for yourself below Baby Yoda’s debute at the International Space Station.

Credit – Reuters

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