Most Expensive Baby Yoda Toys for Fans

While most people will be on the lookout for a Baby Yoda Toy they can find in a store, in this post you can find some rare collectibles. Here are the most Expensive Baby Yoda Toys for Fans.

Sideshow Baby Yoda Toy Collectible for Fans

With Baby Yoda Toys being one of the most sought-after toys of 2020, it was inevitable for a Collectible Baby Yoda Toy to come to life. Earlier this year in January, Sideshow introduced their life-size Baby Yoda Collectible Toy that is aimed to please any fan out there.

Sideshow Baby Yoda Toy Collectible Features

Measuring at 16’5 inches, the Baby Yoda is meticulously designed to feature every single detail of the actual Baby Yoda figure from The Mandalorian. Though the Baby Yoda cannot talk or follow you around, it is definitely on the shopping list of every collector. The Baby Yoda Toy can be pre-ordered with a few months wait list and is a limited edition.

Sideshow Baby Yoda Toy Collectible Price

As one would expect, a Collectible Baby Yoda Toy would not come at a cheap price. However, for a collector and as it is indeed a Limited Edition, it definitely comes at a bargain price.

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You can pre-order yours now to be delivered in the first months of 2021.

And more of the Most Expensive Baby Yoda Toys Collectibles

Not surprisingly many entrepreneurs launched unique, hand made Baby Yoda that are definitely worth looking at. Check out the list below and be sure to order quick – these Baby Yodas are rare to find!

Custom Lego Baby Yoda Figure $599.00

Custom made and Glued LEGO Model of Baby Yoda, 2786 LEGO bricks, 14.74”

Funko Baby Yoda / Egg canister edition $49.99

Limited edition of the infamous Baby Yoda moment from Chapter 10: Baby Yoda and the Egg canister

Kin of Baby Yoda Collectible $600.00

Custom and unique, made to order Baby Yoda Figures (soft silicone)

Sideshow Baby Yoda Toy $375.00

16.5” life-size Baby Yoda (Sideshow) meticulously designed with all the details and features of the actual Baby Yoda figure

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