Boba Fett – All you need to know

The most notorious Bounty Hunter of the Galaxy is definitely one of the key characters in Star Wars. Being the unique unaltered clone of Jango Fett and raised by him, Boba Fett started learning from a very young age all the skills and techniques needed in combat and bounty hunting.

Seeing his “father” die right in front of him definitely must have left some scars on the young Boba Fett. He grew to be the Galaxy’s most feared and notorious Bounty Hunter. Highly respected by all, Boba Fett is without doubt one of the most celebrated Star Wars characters.

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Boba Fett Gifts

Boba Fett Pewter Figurine Collectable $99.00

Pewter Collectible Boba Fett Figurine (the most famous Bounty Hunter of Star Wars)

Boba Fett Sixth scale Figure $250.00

Unique Boba Fett Star Wars figure with meticulously designed armor, rangefinder, helmet, flight suit, body plate, knee pads and weaponized wrists. Equipped with his arsenal of weapons, all details are recreated for the best known Bounty Hunter of the Galaxy – Boba Fett.

Mattel Plush Boba Fett $9.99

An all Plush toy of the most famous Bounty Hunter in Star Wars – Boba Fett. 8” tall

LEGO Boba Fett Helmet $47.99

625-pieces LEGO set inspired and designed in detail to display the Helmet of Boba Fett, Star Wars. 8.5” height

Boba Fett Cable Guy $49.95

Cable guy holds your device (mobile phone, game controller or anything else that would fit on the holder). Six foot charging cable included.

Boba Fett Star Wars Dinner set $49.99

Inspired by the famous bounty Hunter, this 4-piece dinnerware set includes one dessert or salad plate, one large dinner plate, one large dinner bowl, and one large drinking mug. Made from durable stoneware.

Boba Fett Star Wars Mood Lamp $39.99

18” 3D Boba Fett Star Wars Mood Lamp, featuring his helmet on top

Funko POP Boba Fett $16.50

The most famous Bounty Hunter of the Galaxy – Boba Fett in a Funko POP version.

Loungefly Boba Fett Backpack $47.99

Loungefly presents the perfect backpack designed and inspired by the most notorious Bounty Hunter of the Galaxy – Boba Fett.

Boba Fett Silver Sterling Ring $135.00

Limited edition silver sterling Boba Fett’s helmet ring, hand painted enamel.

Boba Fett Silver Coin Collectible $225.00

Unique shape silver coin of Boba Fett’s Helmet. Collectible Star Wars most famous Bounty Hunter Coin – only 5,000 coins produced.

Boba Fett Tumbler $89.00

Boba Fett inspired Tumbler – bring the most famous and feared Bounty Hunter of Star Wars to your kitchen

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